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Discover Finalyst - the cutting-edge platform that empowers financial planners like you to deliver clear, actionable advice by analyzing clients' financial health with best-in-class tools and visualizations.

Life  USD10.00M / 2.08M

Critical Illness  USD0 / 340.20K

Medical  USD20.00M / 1.00M

Client’s financial health at a glance

Effortlessly gain valuable insights into your client’s financial health by visualizing key metrics such as net worth, cash flow, insurance, and investments. Our app's sleek design ensures that complex data is presented in an easily digestible format, enabling you to identify trends and opportunities with a quick glance.

Build lasting client relationships

Our platform generates long-term opportunities by fostering meaningful engagement. You can simulate various financial scenarios and events, enabling you to explore the impact of changes in your client’s financial position. This empowers you to offer top-notch advice and become a trusted, long-term advisor.

Take your career to greater heights

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With this app, I've been able to create actionable plans that align with my clients' aspirations, and the results have been remarkable.

Sarah T.

Financial Planner

From retirement projections to tax optimisation, Finalyst simplifies the process, allowing me to provide more accurate and personalised guidance to my clients.

Amir Razak

Financial Strategist

Its risk assessment and insurance coverage analysis features enable me to identify gaps and recommend suitable policies to protect my clients' assets and loved ones.

Farah Amira

Insurance Agent

Finalyst has enabled me to become aware about the pros and cons of various financial products and now we can make much more informed decisions based on my clients’ goals.

Jacob H.


I managed to close bigger cases in investment and insurance using Finalyst in presentation. Definitely a worth investment in my career.



No more hassle in doing financial planning, its easier for client to understand and I managed to close case easier. Definitely a win win for client and me.



The chart is so comprehensive that I can help client to input all financial aspects in life and client understands my proposal easily.

Lisa A.


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